These invisible things can carry us and our arrows (children) in many different directions. They’re the invisible forces that push us to accept some things and reject others. They define our character and unknowingly establish our identity in society.

As I learned today while getting a Mango Pineapple smoothie, McDonalds has values. They value their reputation, so they make sure to provide their customers with accurate, speedy and cordial service. Their values are evident in the drive-thru from the screen, confirmation of order, eye contact, smiles and immediate service (my smoothie was in my hand before I could stop my car). Their campus, with new renovations, was spotless amid dozens of cars during a busy hour.


As I turned to depart, I was met by a line of vehicles which seemed to be waiting for a teenage boy in the back of a car to pour out bottles of water on the ground. No big deal- we all do that. So you have to imagine my bewilderment as to why a guy in a van a few spots in front of me honked then yelled, “HEY!! YOU BETTER NOT DO IT!” What?? But then I saw why- the boy was about to leave all 3-4 bottles there… on the ground… in the middle of the parking lot.


The boy looked at the driver, put the bottles back in the car and closed the door as it drove off. It was then that I noticed the man’s van- a bright yellow McDonald’s company van.


I drove home with more emotions and thoughts about this incident than I expected. If I were the man, what would I have said? But even more, why would the boy do something so obviously inconvenient to others? Does he do that at home?


As a mother of all boys, I see boys around me differently. I wondered who this boy’s mom was and the values she taught him… but moreso, his ability to practice them in her absence. Was he with friends? Family? Was she in the car? I don’t know, but it frustrated me slightly and saddened me… especially since he looked like many sons of color who, unfortunately, have been deemed by society as having little to no values. There’s a part of me that strongly desires God’s identity and values to grab and reshape these boys. I know it’s possible because I’ve seen it.

If an employee can value their company’s property enough to aggressively stop potential damage, it’s my prayer that Godly parents will Biblically train their children to value themselves and those around them just the same… and even more.

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