Eye See Adoption


Today, I had an appointment to get my vision checked.  Little did I realize this appointment was a physical AND spiritual one.

As I assumed, my physical vision has changed.  Irritated and watery eyes lasting way past spring with more squinting… yeah, but it’s minor and related to the pregnancy.  After being dismissed from my eye doctor, I was introduced to Ben who would help me with my lenses, frames and more.

What probably would’ve been a 5-10 minute process ended up being a little more and a blessing from God.  Ben shared with me how he and his wife just adopted a baby girl (newborn in January and she is the CUTEST!).  He shared the details of how God provided for them every step of the way, their ups, their downs and how they stood on the fact that the LORD had called them to do this.

It wasn’t that adoption had become less of an interest or desire for me; it had just become something distant like the letters I had to read on the wall today.  With the news of a 3rd child, preparing for it has been what I’ve become focused on, “baby-wise”.  Adoption… with two kids and one on the way?  One income and student loans STILL??  Yeah… YEARS down the line maybe but not ANYtime soon.

Today, it took everything in me not to cry as I listened to Ben’s story and felt a renewed sense of hope and determination to do what I know God’s called my husband and I to do- adopt internationally.  I could look at our present situation- one income, three kids, etc.  However, when Ben shared being in seminary school, being a young couple, this being their first child and how GOD raised the funds, I was reminded again that “nothing is too hard for God.”  When He puts things like “adoption” on the hearts of man, He has already made the means for those things to be because it is a desire from His heart to ours.

Yes, I’m pregnant with our third child and fully understand the necessity in preparing for its arrival and life afterwards (I DO have two already lol).  However, I realized today how much doubt and unbelief I have about adoption at this point… but they have to go now.  Ben was my “angel” today from God to say, Esther… don’t lose hope… she’s still waiting for you.  Trust me and not what you see or YOUR schedule.  So… now I pray and continue to pursue God in the journey that HE will take us on that will follow- adopting our little girl 🙂

I encourage you all to follow Ben and Leah’s story at: http://heartstringsattached.blogspot.com/

… and to Ben… thank you for being a light of Jesus Christ today and helping me get my eyeglasses fixed so that eye see adoption clearly again.


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