Lessons of the Day: Sharing & Discernment

little siblings

Having children close in age is something new to me; my sisters and I are 10 and 17 years apart!  With the boys, it’s been amazing to see how they interact with each other- in conversations, completing tasks, wrestling (it has begun…) and now more recently, playing in their band.  Yes… they have a band that is comprised of a pianist, guitarist, drummer, and occasional flute player.  Number of players? Two… them.

So you have to imagine the dynamics which play out when they are listening to a CD or watching a worship DVD.  One starts drumming with an actual or invisible drumset while the other does the same with his guitar.  As the song progresses in intensity with a certain instrument- say, the drums- the guitarist (usually the older brother) turns and tells the other band member, “Hey, now YOU play the guitar and I”LL play the drums.”  This “brilliant” idea is usually met by a strong “NO” from the other, youngest band member who continues playing his drumset.

This has been going on for a few weeks or so, tears streaming down the face of the youngest band member as a result of the oldest band member’s “direction” of the band (change of instruments).  This has been met by my lectures about “just playing whatever you want to play… share…  stop being demanding… etc.” aimed specifically at the oldest.  However, what has transpired now is that the YOUNGEST has been changing the “direction” of the band and crying when the OLDEST refuses.  And what has mommy done?

Given the same lectures to the same person… the OLDEST!!

Yes… I am guilty! I have been deceived by the teary-eyes and “Mommy!” voice wrapped in its youthfulness of my youngest son which has caused a few (not many) misdirected lectures and stern voice towards the oldest.

Sharing, yes, is an absolutely necessary lesson to teach our kids.  Biblically, nothing we have is our own- it all belongs to God who gives to us to give/sow to others.  At the same time, discernment is also a necessary lesson in the world we live in.  It comes from God- it’s HIS wisdom.  As a mother, now unveiled to the sparkle of slight manipulation in my 2 year old’s eyes, it’s even MORE necessary of a lesson to learn in order to train my children with integrity, service and love.

So yeah, although the tears may come through those adorable little eyes, I’ll take care of my newly updated mommy vision and see the truth behind it all.  Besides, I like the band too much to see it dismembered 🙂

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