Mom of 3 Response: 15 Must Haves @ 4 Weeks Post Preggo (or Partum for the Proper)

**This blog entry is catered more to expectant, new and recent moms and dads. Just giving you a heads up 😉

I’ve been following a local blogger Ann and her new mommy journey. It’s been quite awesome and lovable as she and her husband celebrate and walk through faith & parenthood with their new bundle of joy. Are you an expectant mom? First or fifth child, check her out here ->

So, she recently posted an “absolute must have” list as a new mom and asked what ours were.  Alot of the things on her list I soooo agree with, so I’ll just add my two (or 15) cents in with this being our 3rd time around: (in no significant order)

1) Lansinoh breast pads

These are the best breast pads EVER! With our first son, I struggled staying dry overnight. Now, with these, it’s not a problem. What also helps is wearing a camisole with bra support and a great nursing bra, which leads me to…

2) Motherhood Seamless Clip Down Nursing Bra

Seamless Clip Down Nursing Bra

OMG! I wish I had this bra the first two times! It’s comfortable and so supportive at night with easy access when I’m blindly trying to nurse the baby.  In the midst of all the preggo goodies I got from the doctor, Target and other places, I found an awesome Motherhood coupon.  I bet you have one too; just look through all of those papers in those little goody bags.

3) Aquafor

Again, wish I had this with the other two children for 3 reasons: circumcision, boobs and skin.  It’s got the same consistency as petroleum jelly with some magical ingredient (my doctor said “bath in it” lol). With the circumcision, the hospital used and gave us pre-packaged/prepped vaseline-coated gauze strips that you wrap around the wounded area. At my first lactation visit, my doctor said, “Oh, you don’t need to use those. Just squeeze this all over the area, put some on the diaper where it will meet and that’s it.” I can say out of the three, he healed SOOOOOO much faster and easier. My husband and I no longer had to cautiously unwrap then rewrap his wound. AMAZING and less stressful.  Boobs: instead of using the commonly sworn-by Lansinoh ointment, my lactation nurse AGAIN said to just use aquafor because it absorbs better. She said Lansinoh does not absorb but kind of just coats, sits and sticks, trapping any moisture that needs to be removed to prevent bacteria build-up (I hope I’m explaining that right). I’m an Aquafor fan now. And for the baby’s ever peeling skin… yep. Aquafor. All the way. All day.

4) Moby Wrap

I bought this with our 2nd son and have to agree with other moms: THE best invention ever. Less stress on the arms, shoulders and back when holding a baby. A MUST HAVE for all new moms and dads.

5) Bottled water or water in a thermos. Doesn’t matter how you have it, it’s just so convenient to have for those times of nursing and throughout the day. With two older boys, I can’t take a chance with a cup or glass of water near me all of the time. Plus, I can just pull it out of the fridge whenever I need it or keep it by the bed.

6) Night gown sack

A friend of ours blessed us with this and it has been convenient at night. This being my first fall/winter baby, I was looking for something warm but not overwhelming. This little outfit is great as it cuts diaper change time in half while keeping our little one warm throughout the night. I just wish someone made some with a reclosable hole at the bottom so babies can where them in the carseat. Hmmmm… sounds like my next DIY project…

7) Vibrating bouncer or swing

From the 1st to the 3rd, these have been so convenient and helpful. The vibrator or swing occupies and comforts baby (sometimes to the point of sleep). This has been helpful when needing to clean the house, take a shower or spend time with the other boys. TIP: Always place a blanket in the seat with baby on it just in case they blow out of their diaper. Easier clean up 😉

8) iPad app: Relax M HD

I downloaded this with the birth of our 2nd son and have not regretted it.  It has almost 50 different soothing sounds that play for HOURS on end or at your preferred time setting, including white noises.  I particularly like it because you can orchestrate your own series of sounds at the same time (ocean + flute + wind). Plus, you can close your iPad and it still play. Definitely a must have this time around. If you can’t get that, try…

9) Bathroom fan- I know this was intended for another purpose, but it has worked WONDERS as a source for white noise. When he’s fussy or sleepy & fighting it, sitting in the bathroom with the fan on and the lights off has soothed our little one right to sleep.  We’ve even kept it on after laying him down in the bassinet.

10) Cool Mist Humidifier- as I mentioned in the previous post, this has become a must not just for ourcongested newborn but for our stuffy 2 year old. Every parent needs to have one, so do whatever you need to to get one.

11) Snotsucker (+ saline drops)

I cannot rave about this product enough. I am a sworn fan and highly recommend this over the bulb thingy, ESPECIALLY after seeing this:

Granted, I always clean mine but I do wonder… exactly HOW dry does the inside really get?  So yea… enough said. I’ve gone to the other side.

12) Night light- a very inexpensive item that has major benefits, especially when trying to find the paci, not get bitten preparing to nurse, changing a diaper and helping the 2 year old find then climb into our bed (lol)

13) Always Discreet Protection/ adult diapers

This was a lifesaver when I got home from the hospital. The hospital nicely gives moms alternative under garments that help with our comfort but not so much coverage. I saw a mom suggest adult diapers, so I tried these. Definitely comfortable and easily disposable. Most importantly, leak-proof. I didn’t have to worry about looking behind me after each feeding. I’ve “grown out” of these at this part of post-partum recovery, but I DEFINITELY recommend these to new mommies at home.

14) Breast Pump

From severe engorgement to now, this machine has SO helped me throughout all three pregnancies. My top recommended brand is Medela as it is trusted and very efficient. However, that’s the ONLY one I’ve had, so I’m biased 🙂 This year, thankfully, I found out our insurance covers a breast pump 100% (something I DO NOT take for granted!), so we were able to save money and stay up to date.  It was said to me that breast pumps should be replaced or updated every 2-3 years; I received mine in 2010, so I was due for an update. This helps in so many ways, but the one way I LOVE is how it helps me “share the milk” with my husband so he can feed the baby as well. They need to bond too 😉

15) Last but definitely not least are my husband, our other sons and my conveniently-located parents & sisters who’ve been ever so willing to drive around the corner and help. From having to go to Urgent Care at night or doctor appointments when I was not allowed to drive, my husband & parents have been SOOOOOOO amazing in offering me their time and taxi services, even when it’s been last minute. My sisters have helped from watching the boys the night we went to the hospital to just coming over and playing with them. My family even gave Emmanuel and I a last minute date night- a few hours out of the house to ourselves. Barnes & Noble and Cinnabon at the mall. In hoodies & sweatpants. Oh yeeeeaaaah lol My other little men have helped me by getting their little brother’s paci (“no fingers on the top!”), carrying the baby bag, opening/holding doors and the list goes on.  I love those little people.

There’s probably so much more, but these are probably the highest on my list. So, you new moms and dads, I hope this helps you enjoy your baby as much as we have enjoyed ours. Share this with others and share YOUR must haves.

Now, back to having fun with my loves…

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