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Yes… it’s true. I’m headed to Kenya this fall! It’s been five years since I’ve been to Africa, and I’m so very grateful for God’s timing and the opportunity this year. Through a series of fortunate God events and even legal changes, I’m FINALLY on my way outta here! What will I be doing alongside my wonderful team? Two great things:

1) We will help the staff at Happy Life Children’s Home in Nairobi, Kenya by caring for several babies and toddlers who are abandoned in the trash and found by law enforcement and local agencies.

Photo Credit: Eseosa W
Photo Credit: Eseosa W

2) We will serve 500 street children at SheepCare School Church also in Nairobi, Kenya. This church provides FREE schooling to children in order to give them a way out of living on the streets and slums of Nairobi. Our goal is to be able to supply every enrolled student with one notebook and one pencil each school year.

Photo Credit: Eseosa W
Photo Credit: Eseosa W

It is here at SheepCare we are primarily focusing on our P.A.D.S. initiative. Promise A Daughter’s Security (P.A.D.S) is a James 1:27 initiative aimed at specifically providing sanitary napkins to females enrolled in the SheepCare School. Due to poverty and lack of funds, these young girls at SheepCare are missing 5-7 days of school EVERY month because they cannot afford pads to keep them sanitized and in class. In order to get funds, many often prostitute themselves. The goal of P.A.D.S. is to supply every enrolled female with sanitary napkins for one full year, each year.

Photo Credit: Eseosa W
Photo Credit: Eseosa W

So, you want to know how you can help? WELL, I was just waiting for you to ask! I am in need of $2300 to cover all of my expenses for this trip. With a total of 6 people on our team, WE are in need of basically $14,000. You can do one or all of the following to help:

1) Go to our gofundme page at:

2) Send me a direct message via any of my social media pages (@esther4yah for Twitter and Instagram) to find out how to send me a personal donation towards my trip

3) Go to to make a donation online.

4) TO MAKE A TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION, mail donations to: KAEC, 125 Timber Drive, Garner, NC 27529. You can include my name in the Memo (Esther G) or say “Kenya Team” (Phone #: 919.772.7020)

Any and every amount is welcome because these children are in need of our help. To serve these babies would be an honor. Challenging… yes. I know it will be; I’m already preparing for the tears (I boohooed in South Africa). But I know in the end, as much as I may have served them, they will have served & blessed me in even greater ways they’ll never be able to see. And for that, I’ll be forever grateful because their existence will have helped to simplify my heart so I can raise sons who are grateful for the simple things and in all things, see the need to do as I try and often fail to do in this nation and abroad for others- to love them, to serve them, to be Jesus’ hands and feet towards them.

Photo credit: Happy Life Children's Home
Photo credit: Happy Life Children’s Home

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