I was preparing to post part 2 of “Warning: Non-Explicit Content Included” when I looked up and saw news about the protest/riot at a California university. Then floods of posts and articles began to swell inside of my mind that I’ve seen this week, all related to political decisions that have occurred in the past 12 days. It’s been… just… alot. My thoughts stopped as I then remembered an article a friend posted on facebook (a day after I posted a blunt, political observation… geez, God!)

7 Questions to Ask Before Posting about Politics on Social Media

This article challenged, convicted and guided me towards wisdom as a believer. Even though I felt like what I posted and even my responses within what I posted were not mean or unloving, this article did make me think through things I hadn’t considered. With it being so easy to type, sometimes it can become so hard to obey.

So, that is what I’m sharing for this week. Thank you so much, Julie, for finding and sharing this because I needed it more than I realized. And so do many others. Please… as a believer or potential one (yay!), read this article THOROUGHTLY and with an open heart. Pause your emotions (and fingers) for a moment not only when you post on social media but also when in conversation with others. As the author of this article states,

“… we know that every person in the world must stand before Jesus one day and the ultimate issue will not be whether they had the correct position on national security issues… we need to remember that we are Christians first. We represent King Jesus and his church. When we speak, it should reflect the priorities and character of our King and [H]is kingdom.”

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