The Comeback: To blog or not?

Hello Everyone! It has been a LONG time. Excuses could be given (or none) but alot has happened, including a BABY! The oxymoron-ish thing about returning to blogging in the midst of a very active snapchat/instagram world is the wonder of this:

Do people REALLY read blogs anymore? Completely??

*Insert google search* hehe

The answer really depends on who you are. Everyone is different in how they spend their time, what they prefer to read about & what they feel adds value to their circumstances. Is this blog something you believe adds value to your life and is worth your screen time? We don’t know, but this is what we do know…

2aiming4arrows has always been about sharing the easy and challenging lessons of aiming God’s arrows in His direction. Since there are 2 doing the job, we want to now also share the easy and challenging lessons of being husband & wife while aiming arrows. We don’t know if many people will read this blog, but if there IS just one person who can be impacted by it, we hope they will stick around. Sometimes reading someone else’s ugly-honest moments remind you that you’re not alone and Someone greater is at work in all the craziness.

We plan to post weekly and invite you to follow our journey through this blog & on instagram @2aiming4arrows. We’re excited to be back and look forward to sharing this year with you, even if it’s JUST you 😊

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