Chaos’ Remedy

It’s been busy these past weeks, so I do apologize for the lapse in posts. Honestly, it’s been an emotional month and one of much spiritual activity on the earth. The racial tension amid continuous bathroom-gender issues within an election year of unprecedented proportions in the US combined with wars and rumors of war internationally have weighed on my heart and mind this month. This is in addition to being home for the summer with 3 energetic (and loud lol) boys, finishing our 1st year of homeschool while preparing for the next, traveling to have amazing family times, and anticipating a possible, big decision. Even with the good, the bad has been surmounting and seemingly never-ending. My heart and flesh has felt more weak, worn, frustrated, angry, grieved, tired, fearful, lonely and more this month than others this year.

… yet my/HIS spirit has been SO willing to hope and believe in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Continue reading


Response: A Believer & Mother of 3 Black Sons

This post was published the morning of Friday, July 8. A morning I assumed would be normal after a horrifying week. Then I saw the news of yet another story of mourning. Texas. Peaceful protest. Five cops murdered. All husbands. Some fathers. None guilty. At the point of hearing this, I didn’t know what else to do or say. It’s like my heart capsized again. I had thoughts like my husband… “Mourn with those who mourn. But every morning though?” I mourn with those wives and those children. It all is just a reflection of the earth moaning in great expectation of the coming Lord. As details unveiled about the shooter, my heart grew heavier. Hatred and retaliation. I know I cannot hold unbelievers to Biblical standards. Revenge and prejudice combined with lawlessness is theirs. But to us who believe in Christ, even our silent cheers or relieved thoughts are marked as evil before our God. Now more than ever, we must be lights of Christ as whatever race we are and live out loud God’s Word. So as you read my thoughts, know these were written with two black men killed in 48 hours in mind and not as a disregard to police officers. As I know all too well, to speak on the killings of one group and not the other is an offense not just to the Body but more importantly, to God. And to me, His offense with my concern for one group and not the other is what matters most.

habakkuk 32

In August of 2015, I saw a picture of two elementary/middle grade, African American boys handcuffed in between 2 police officers. It shook me to my core because handcuffs were never meant, in my mind, to fit wrists that small. Having a heart for these particular YOUNG images of God has always been in me. My mother’s the same way; it’s God-carved into our genes. Upon seeing the image, I cried. I prayed. I confronted my anger and my hurt. I loved on my 3 sons more during that time. I dug back into my African American college courses, the hundreds of books my parents made me read, the personal incidents against my father, mother, my husband and even oldest child. I was then confronted by the Truth. The Real Solution. So I prayed more and responded by writing and ministering the spoken word at the bottom of this entry at a poetry event that October 2015. I’ll never forget it.

Now, July of 2016, I am confronted with clear injustices specifically against people of my race and the exposed sin and wickedness of man’s heart. Including mine. Continue reading

Aiming a Teenage Arrow

Over the last few weeks, I have asked certain people to be my guest bloggers because of specific wisdom and Biblical insight they have as related to 2aiming3arrows. Well, this week is definitely NO different! You are in for an amazing treat as I welcome my dearly beloved friend & sister, Mrs. Tiffany Walker ( She is a lover of God with a power-filled and radical message to young people everywhere to give up the sin and walk in righteousness according to GOD’s word and not the world. Today, she blogs as a mother of a teenage arrow in a world where so much compromise abides. She has truth-filled words that I hope ignite parents of teenagers to FIGHT & aim your arrow towards the kingdom of God despite this world’s arsenal. Read. Share. Like. Comment. Thank you, Tiffany!

It is an honor to be the guest blogger for my friend and sister, Esther. I am still an archer in training, but I will attempt to share some advice for the archer aiming teenage children.

My daughter, Mary, is 13 years old. I had Mary before I was married. I received salvation two months before Mary’s 1st birthday. It was at that moment I began aiming my arrow towards Christ. I did not have a full revelation of what I was doing. I did understood it was my responsibility for “how” this child would learn about Christ and serve Him. It was not enough to take her to church and go through the routine of salvation. Continue reading

Know Your Role!….and Value

A few weeks ago, I blogged about my personal revelation and experience with Biblical submission (haven’t read it? –> Subjection: The Curse & The Blessing ). Well, I thought it would be BOMB if I got the flipside of subjection from none other than MY HUSBAND! Yes… you get to hear the thoughts of my co-archer, Emmanuel Gaines  as he shares his heart about leading in marriage as the husband/father. So wives, please read this blog but also share it with your husband (just don’t expect him to read it RIGHT when you share/send it; I’m learning :). It could be a great conversation starter and point of prayer for you, your marriage and family. Read. Share. Like. Comment. Now introducing… my boo.

“You lead. I’ll follow.”

Four words that struck terror in the heart of this guy that isn’t moved by much. While most men would be floored with excitement in hearing these words from their wife, the weight of these words floored me in an entirely different way.

As my wife began to grow and share how the Lord was dealing with her about submitting to my leadership, the sobering reality of those words drove me to Continue reading

Subjection: The Curse & The Blessing

When God created Adam and saw it wasn’t good for him to be alone, hence creating Eve, I wonder… did he prepare them for their roles? Did he tell them how to function together? Did he WARN THEM about each other??

I look at my husband and in retrospect of my actions and words at times, I’m ever more grateful for the amount of time he invests in prayer LOL Seriously though. With every morning he rises to go to his prayer corner, I’m so glad He has another Man to talk to about things in life. Including his wife. Continue reading

Confessions of an Amateur Archer

God blessed me last week to be a guest blogger on an amazing woman of God’s webpage. So… GUESS WHO’S MY FIRST GUEST BLOGGER? Yep! I’ve returned the blessing & invited author of “Wait on God,” speaker and blogger Briana G. Whitaker ( to share her heart . She is a believer with a gift to help single women learn how to WAIT ON GOD for His Best. Her following blog as a NEW MOM seeking to aim her newborn arrow in the right direction is HOPE-filled for the waiting-to-be-a mom, soon-to-be mom, newborn mom and even the veteran mom. Please… read it and share your comments for her to read. Briana… thank you so much for sharing.

new archer 2You can call me an amateur archer because I’m new at this whole mommy thing.

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