My NY Resolution? Clean Heart > Clean House

Now some of you (including my slightly OCD self) looked at the title and focused on the fact that I devalued a clean house (what now??), in essence supporting just all types of dirty homes everywhere (mm!!). FALL BACK!!! Breathe. There's context... it being that I'm a mother of 3 children who has come to... Continue Reading →

“Mommy, your name is Esther but they called you Sheria?”

With entering a new season of our lives (literally and figuratively), it seems old friends and family are crossing our paths more, especially with the holidays coming around. To many, reunions are no big deal. I mean, who doesn’t like catching up over the holidays or running into acquaintances you haven’t seen in YEARS?? But... Continue Reading →

Superheroes in Transition

Our kids like the good guys - those good ol' superheroes. From TMNT to Iron Man. They sometimes make up there own of which I can't even recall their names or want to. They've been infatuated with flatulents lately, so yea... just imagine. I find it funny that their favorite superheroes today were once favorites... Continue Reading →

To Homeschool… and Not. Year 2.

Having survived my first year as an official homeschool mom, I've dared to do it again. Well, sort of. After much prayer and conversation and removal of guilt, the GA Principal and I have decided to continue homeschooling our oldest but send our younger one into a new world -a transitional K5 program. People always ask... Continue Reading →

Fearful Love Exposed

As any parent does, we reflect upon our childhood as we partake and shape the childhood of those entrusted to us - our kids. Where we may have experienced broken promises as a child, we seek to keep our own as an adult. Where circumstances affected our lives in unexpected ways and created cradles in our... Continue Reading →

Chaos’ Remedy

It's been busy these past weeks, so I do apologize for the lapse in posts. Honestly, it's been an emotional month and one of much spiritual activity on the earth. The racial tension amid continuous bathroom-gender issues within an election year of unprecedented proportions in the US combined with wars and rumors of war internationally... Continue Reading →

Aiming a Teenage Arrow

Over the last few weeks, I have asked certain people to be my guest bloggers because of specific wisdom and Biblical insight they have as related to 2aiming3arrows. Well, this week is definitely NO different! You are in for an amazing treat as I welcome my dearly beloved friend & sister, Mrs. Tiffany Walker ( Continue Reading →

Know Your Role!….and Value

A few weeks ago, I blogged about my personal revelation and experience with Biblical submission (haven't read it? --> Subjection: The Curse & The Blessing ). Well, I thought it would be BOMB if I got the flipside of subjection from none other than MY HUSBAND! Yes... you get to hear the thoughts of my co-archer,... Continue Reading →

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